About Me


I am a Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Chile (Department of Computer Science (DCC), Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences). After my PhD, I did a short postdoc at Shibaura Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. I currently work as associate professor at Universidad Católica del Norte. In addition, I work collaboratively with professors of Shibaura Institute of Technology. Finally, I am a Computer Science Engineer from University of La Serena, Chile.

Through my subject research, Opening Up Trace-Based Mechanisms, I possess a strong knowledge of aspect-oriented programming and open implementations. Concretely, I have worked on expressive stateful aspects with customized semantics to match and advise program execution traces.

Apart from working, I have participated in organizations such as OHA and ACCAN, for protection of animals. In addition, I enjoy doing my hobbies, which are related to nature, e.g., snorkeling, camping, etc.